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Tonight ended with a farewell to my Dallas friends. I’m moving out of the city this weekend and thus ends a chapter of my life. It happened so quickly after Europe. A sea of emotion cycles through you as you prepare to move to another place. Sadness. Fear. Excitement. Joy. You lose, but you also gain. You learn to let go. You cry for everything you’re leaving behind, but you are also happy to look towards the future and the growth ahead of you.

1) Experiencing a new city

Different people, different places. Everything is a discovery: from restaurants to landmarks, activities to friends. There is so much to explore. Soak it all in and love every minute of it. I’ll miss my go-to places in Dallas (Mudsmith coffee shop, Bishop Arts everything), but the fun part is getting to find a new spot! Maybe even better. I hear San Francisco is a foodie haven, and I personally cannot wait. 

2) Expanding your social circle

Inevitably, you will make new friends by switching cities. A whole different network opens up to you as you seek connections. Maybe you will contact an old acquaintance from college and be introduced to their friends. Perhaps you will meet people at your work place. Getting yourself out there might not be the easiest thing to do, but moving opens you up to a completely new demographic of people.

3) Learning more about yourself

The more you expose yourself to new experiences, the more you realize what you like and don’t like. It can help you realign and rediscover what your values are. Will I like the bustling, walkable streets of San Francisco or end up missing the wide open spaces of Dallas? Is moving towards a career in tech the undeniably right choice or will I realize that speech therapy was the career for me all along? Will I realize I’m more southern than west coast? More traditional than adventurous? I won’t know unless I try.

4) Seeing who and what truly matters

Keeping in touch is a two-way street. It becomes clear after moving to a new city who your genuine friends are. You’ll realize who you want to keep in touch with and truly miss. It’s sad to be leaving friends and family, and you can only hope to keep a strong friendship with everyone. However, sometimes, that’s just not the case. People change, interests don’t line up, life happens. Moving away makes you appreciate the real relationships you have with others. Foster the ones that matter, those that support and uplift you. Give the same to them. 

5) Opportunity for growth

Stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone and delving into novel experiences are two essential ingredients for growth. By expanding your horizons, you can be sure that you will learn more than you could have imagined. Exposing yourself to the unknown is a surefire way to find things out about yourself that you might not have discovered by staying in the same place. It will be uncomfortable and it will be difficult, but you will be wiser for the wear. Growth is exponential somewhere new, less so when you’ve acclimated to a place. 

6) Letting go

Sometimes, as much as you like a city and all of the ties you have there, you simply feel weighed down, stuck. You need a breath of fresh air and a new perspective. If you don’t feel invigorated or inspired, if you feel like your values don’t align with others, if there’s too much history that you can’t move past – change is necessary. Don’t stay somewhere if you’re unhappy. You have to let go. You might realize later down the line that it was actually right for you. But you’ll never know if you don’t try. For now, I know Dallas isn’t me, and I have to move on.

Can’t wait to share the rest of the adventure with you, friends. San Francisco, here I come!!!

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