I. Passion Initiative is a means to ignite a spark in those searching for beauty, purpose and meaning. To aid in strengthening relationships and overcoming doubt. Particularly for individuals struggling with a mental disorder, suffering from anxiety or depression – may one of these articles provide inspiration for courage and change. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, you will get through this.

II. Children are our future, and having worked as a speech-language pathologist has only confirmed the importance of mentoring young minds. Habits begin at home, and in order for our children to be successful, we must first provide them the proper tools and motivation. To be empathetic and understanding as well as educational.  Mental support is just as important as academic support. Let’s expand awareness on the significance of play and encouragement of children, especially in regards to low socioeconomic status communities. Decrease the amount of unproductive screen time and increase social interaction and learning in our youth. 

Big Brother, Big Sister:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: