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How to Deal with Resistance from Others.

Making the decision to quit my job and move to San Francisco was a life change that many of my friends and family did not understand. Without having a concrete plan, it seemed like something half-thought out and purely based on whim. While I can see their view point, every path is different. It’s in these difficult times that you must have faith in your choices. You know what’s best for yourself and cannot let others dampen your resolve. Taking others opinions into consideration can be helpful to gain perspective and avoid mistakes, but you are the one that has to ultimately live with your choice. Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, what will you regret doing or not doing? People will always talk, but what will make YOU happiest?

A few strategies helped me overcome dealing with others opinions

1) Visualizing the life you want
What is your ultimate goal? I saw myself happily writing, learning, growing, and trying new things while living in another city with innovative, driven, like-minded people. I was feeling stagnant in Dallas, so I decided to make a change.

2) Imagining the future based on your current situation
Could you keep living the life you have now and reach your goals? Do you want to? Five years from now, still in the same job with the same friends in the same city, how would you feel? If it’s not a positive feeling, you may want to reevaluate what you are doing. Sometimes we need a big adjustment as a catalyst for our lives. When I imagined going back to my job after quitting, it gave me all the motivation I needed to be firm in my decision.

3) Creative outlet
Writing helps me to sort out my emotions and realign my goals. Music aids in motivating me and focusing on what really matters. Use any negative feelings to reframe your thoughts for the positive and put it into creating something.

4) Question and learn from others
Is there truth in what others are saying? What can I learn? What are the positives; what am I gaining versus losing? My brother worried about me since I was going to move to a city that was expensive, going back to a job I wasn’t passionate about, and essentially not having a plan. In my eyes, I was prepared to take the job so I could afford to live in my dream city, surround myself with inspiring people, and be exposed to more opportunities for a career switch.

With the life changes you make, you may realize that it isn’t what you want or took a misstep. But you will never know if you don’t take risks and try. You need to figure out what is most important – keeping to the status quo or taking the leap towards your dream.

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